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Location, Flexibility, Affordability, Convenience, Available Services, Working Environment, Genuine Customer Service, Clear and Concise Contracts are some of the key ingredients that can be the difference between success and failure in today’s fast changing business world. 
Eliminate these worries by moving into a Rompo Business Center ( RBC ) Fully Furnished Office. 

Location,Location, Location. Where a business is based is of crucial importance.The address and ease of access to a company is the key to attracting the right staff and equally as important, it portrays the correct image to your customers. That’s why moving to an RBC Fully Furnished Office makes good business sense. Rompo Business Center (RBC), is conveniently located on the 2nd floor of Rompo Mansion Apartment/Hotel and epitomises near perfect location due to it's close proximity to the Expressway, MRT Underground, BTS Skytrain, Shopping Malls, Supermarkets and international and local restaurants.

RBC GUARANTEE " We Won't Be Beaten On Prices , Facilities or Customer Service "

Each furnished office comes with the following as standard:

Also available on site:

Flexibility and Convenience…The main reasons why many businesses chose to take an RBC fully furnished office is the flexibility it gives them. Conventional leases, which typically last for ten or fifteen years, tie businesses in to their offices. This means that if during the life of a lease, a company's space requirements change - whether they need to expand or contract - they are unable to adjust without incurring significant costs, administrative issues or delays.
By contrast, in an RBC fully furnished office tenants are able to expand and contract as they wish, usually at very short notice and with the minimum of costs. This can be beneficial to businesses when times are good and they need more space quickly or conversely when it needs to contract. With RBC furnished offices neither of these scenarios is problematic, allowing companies to remain flexible - something that is increasingly important in today's fast moving business economy.

RBC has been specifically designed to offer state of the art business facilities housed in a modern office complex.The unique layout coupled with the stylish contemporary office furniture provides the perfect working environment.

Services available: As well as flexibility, RBC allows businesses to enjoy an ‘all inclusive service’. For a fixed price, tenants can expect to receive everything they will need to run their businesses, from desks, chairs and telephones, to staffed reception desks, cleaning services, refreshment facilities, meeting rooms and lounge

You might think that this flexibility and ‘all inclusive' service would be more expensive for a businesses than a conventional lease, but with RBC it is more cost effective.

In RBC things like desks, refreshment, reception and cleaning facilities are all included in the rental price. RBC offers modern and ergonomic office furniture, ‘break out' areas and full IT infrastructure. These services are included in the monthly cost while others, such as hire of meeting and conference rooms are available at an additional cost.

RBC tenants can also avail of our on-site consultants, accountancy companies and travel agency who can provide a vast range of varied services to assist with company registrations, change of address, visas, work permits, etc. On site there is also a state of the art Coworking Space which also has compact serviced offices. Ideal for digital nomads, company registration, entrepreneurs, etc

Office Layouts :

RBC offers a choice of office sizes from 28 to 80 square metres at the BEST prices available in Bangkok.

Some might think that a business taking a serviced/furnished office space would have to take what they are given in terms of desks and office lay out. With RBC this is not the case however. RBC is happy to work with the client to design and fit out the area to suit their requirements. Some businesses prefer a completely open plan arrangement with clusters of desks as this makes communication amongst the team easy. Others however, such as recruitment consultants, people providing counselling or other confidential and sensitive services may require private rooms around a small meeting room.

One of the most important considerations for a business (over and above the facilities in the office) is the staff responsible for running the business center. RBC staff are hardworking, conscientious, friendly, welcoming and above all efficient and well trained. RBC is conscious of the fact that RBC staff will be seen as an extension of your company and brand name and will possibly be the all-important first contact your customers have with your company. RBC is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality employees.

Who are RBC fully furnished offices for?
RBC fully furnished offices offices are sometimes wrongly seen as the exclusive preserve of SME's (Small and Medium–Sized Enterprises) looking for temporary accommodation, but this is a misconception. While SMEs do benefit greatly from serviced offices - with the ability to set up quickly (within days) and enjoy facilities that they would otherwise not be able to afford, they are not the only ones who benefit. Larger businesses also use RBC fully furnished offices in a variety of ways. Some have chosen to move their whole operation into our offices while others look to house 10 -20 % of their business in an RBC office as a means of allowing them to ‘flex' with the market. If they need to expand they can do so quickly while any reduction in staff numbers can be accommodated too.


IT : One of the main benefits of RBC offices is that your IT infrastructure can be managed for you by the RBC staff so that you no longer have to spend precious time calling your IT support if something goes wrong. RBC tenants will still supply their own computers but the network comes with the office

Signing up for an RBC fully furnished office is easy and hassle free : RBC Contracts are clear and easy to understand and are available in both English and Thai.  We require (1) one month’s rental in advance and (2) two months rental as a refundable security deposit. Documents required to set up a rental contract : Company’s name in both the English language and the Thai language. Company seal. Information on the parent company together with copies of the parent company’s registration and authorization to proceed. Copy of the passport and the name and official title of the person who is the company’s authorised signatory. The nature and purpose of the business.

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